Khanda - The Insignia of The Khalsa

Khanda - The Sikh Emblem
In the centre of the insignia is the two-edged sword which symbolises the Creative Power of God which controls the destiny of the whole universe. It is the Sovereign Power over life and death. One edge of the Sword symbolises divine justice, which chastises and punishes the wicked oppressors; the other edge symbolises Freedom, and Authority governed by moral and spiritual values.

On the outside of the two-edged sword, we can see two swords:

On the left is the Sword of Spiritual Sovereignty (Piri);
On the right is the Sword of Political Sovereignty (Miri)
There must always be a balance between the two, and this balance is emphasised by a circle inside. This circle is what is called a Chakra. The Chakra is a symbol of all embracing Divine Manifestation, including everything and wanting nothing, without begining or end, neither first nor last, timeless, Absolute. It is the symbol of oneness, of Unicity of Justice, Humanity and the Immortality. Almost all Sikh warriors used to wear it in the eighteenth century, and Nihangs of today still do.

The Chakra / Chakkar which was worn by the great martyr Baba Deep Singh is still preserved in the sanctum sanctorium of the Akal Takht. On it is incribed the Mool Mantar and that is what it symbolises.