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S. Avtar Singh makkar condemns Gurdaspur Attack

27 july in Gurdaspur district, terrorist attacked on police station of dinanagar town and during this operation Sp Baljeet Singh, police worker,and other citizen were died.S.Avtar singh makkar said it is very bad news and he express sympathy with the families of whose memebers were killed in this operation.


Here in press confrence he said that terorist has not yet recognized and also they were died in this opertion.once again they were not successfull to destroy the peacfull atmosphere of punjab.he said that according to the news ,terrorist have firstly put ¬†five bombs on railway track but their plan unsuccessfull.then they fired on roadways bus but due to driver cleverness they again unsuccesfful.then terrorist enter in dinanagar police station but punjab police sorrounded and killed ¬†them.he said people who were injured during this opertion,hopefully they recover quikly.He also said that security forces should take care of country’s border more strictly.

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