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Central Govt Should End the Blacklist of Sikhs – Manjit Singh GK


President of DGMC S.Manjeet Singh GK and ex member of parliament S.Tarlochan Singh met foreign minister Sushma Swaraj yesterday regarding the issue of foreign sikhs. During this meeting they asked remove the name of sikhs who are living in foreign countries from the blacklist maintained by Indian government restricting their entry into India. Both also sought to give permission to those on blacklist to come to india.

He said that during turmoil in punjab in 80’s and 90’s, due to atrocities of police some sikhs of punjab took shelter in foreign countries but their names have been added to blacklist by Indian government. He said sikhs who live in foreign countries are contributing significantly to economy of other countries and are living peacefully. So give them a chance to come back to India and contribute towards Indian economy.

Manjeet Singh Gk said awareness comapaighn for the identification of sikhs should be started in Embassy  of America. During this meeting S.Tarlochan Singh appealed to Foreign minister to put a step on this issue of sikhs. Foreign minister assured to take action on this issue. Also, they asked foreign minister to provide citizenship to the children of Hindu-Sikh families who have migrated from Afghanistan.

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