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13 Years imprisonment for Attacking Sikh Man in California

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A California court has sentenced a person 13 years imprisonment for attacking elderly Sikh man  2 years ago. Gilbert Gracia attacked 82-year-old Sikh Piara Singh and injured him brutally, outside the Gurdwara 2 years back. Piara Singh had Finished preparing langar when Gilbert Gracia spotted him outside a southwest Fresno Gurdwara.

Gracia screamed something about the Taliban and Muslims as he attacked  on Piara Singh using Iron rod. During the attack his ribs broke. More than two years later, the mental pain and anguish are still fresh in the mind of Piara Singh.

Piara Singh lawyer’s said that Sikh community is happy with the decision of court on this incident.  This prison sentence is a relief to Sikh community as Sikhs have been the victim of hate crimes post 9/11 in US.

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