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Illinois Allows Sikhs to Wear Turbans in Driving Licence Photos

August 19th, 2015 |

In all over world Sikhs are struggling since years for turban and now it is good news that Illinois state has allowed sikhs to wear turbans in Driving Licence Photos. This is recently announced by Sikh American Legal Defence And Education Fund which was working for more than a year on this case.

Turban allowed on Driving license photo
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Bill imposing Ban on Turban presented in Quebec Assembly

September 12th, 2013 |


Despite criticism across the Canada and from various international organizations, the Quebec State government in Canada today went ahead and presented the Charter of Values bill in the state assembly which imposes ban on any religious symbol including turban, Hijab, Burqa, cross etc. while a person is working in government service including Doctors, Teacher, Judge or police service.

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Sikh Father Secures an Apology From Post Office over Turban issue

March 27th, 2009 |

Post-Office-Turban-issue A Post office in Frisco, Texas has apologized to a Sikh Father for asking him to remove turban of his 6 year old son to take photograph for passport. On March 17, Darshan Singh went to local post office to get photograph for his son’s passport. On reaching there, post office officials asked him to remove turban of his son if he wanted to take passport photograph.

When Darshan Singh asked them as to why so, the officials said that Federal rules do not permit headgear on passport photograph. Darshan Singh then moved to Sikh coalition and told them the whole issue. The Legal team of Sikh Coalition informed him that a person can wear headgear if it is of religious importance by giving an application to the local Post office.

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